About Us

Wald Krause Engineering llc established in 2014 offers a long history of working experience with porous metal materials and porous metal engineering. The starting point was an educational background in Chemical Process Engineering in Germany.

Thereafter, years of developing process filtration equipment, porous metal materials manufacturing and applications engineering followed by Project and Business Unit Management leading to Technical Services offerings.

The accumulated experience was previously offered through employments for the following companies.

    • Schwelm Anlagen + Apparate GmbH (Germany)
    • Pressmetall Krebsöge GmbH (Germany)
    • Newmet Krebsöge Inc.
    • GKN Sinter Metals Filters GmbH (Germany)
    • Mott Corporation

Providing exceptional service and the highest level of expertise to our customers in applications involving porous metal materials is our goal.

We offer Engineering Services, Solutions and Products in the following areas

    • Liquid and gas filtration in many industrial application
      and analytical applications
    • Sparging, Gas introduction into liquids, solids across all industries
    • Flow control, restriction / dampening
    • Flame arresting
    • Noise reduction
    • Cryogenic filtration, Flow control
    • Vacuum breaker
    • Gas diffuser devices
    • Fluidizing applications
    • Design process application support
    • Consulting services

These solutions are in many cases custom designed to help our customers and partners to utilize their processes in the most efficient and economical way. Taking pride to not only supply excellent quality products that meet your needs and – very importantly – your time schedules.

Application support and process knowledge is shared with our customers as a part of our after sales support.

Ask us for any requirements you may have now or in near future. We are confident that we will be able to fulfill your needs. We hope this brief introduction is informative and we look forward to your requests for further information.

To Contact Us please call 860-863-5121 or
Write Wald.Krause@wkrause.com

For Inquiries and Quotations please submit an Application Specific Data Sheet found on our Contact Us page.