Porous metal discs from OD=0.039” x 0.039” thick up to OD= 12” with a thickness up to 1”.

Cups and Bushings
Porous metal bushings and cups OD=0.118” up to OD= 4” with lengths up to 4” long axially pressed parts.

Porous metal plates up to 7.8” x 11.8” with a thickness from 0.039” up to 1” Larger plates or assemblies can be welded from sections.

Tubing, Sparger, Filter elements
Seamless porous metal tubing from OD= 0.236” to OD= 12”
Most of the porous tubing over 1” OD can be offered up to 60” long in one section. All the above described materials can be welded and/or machined to standard or custom assemblies such as filter cartridges, sparging elements systems and more.

Pore sizes, Media grades
The nominal pore sizes also called media grades can be offered as a standard from 0.1 micron to 200 micron media grade. The offered porous metal material can also be specified according to flow vs. pressure requirements.

Material choices, Alloys
The most common materials are porous Bronze and 316L SS or 304L SS. We also supply higher corrosion resistant porous materials and assemblies on regular basis such as Alloy X, Alloy C276 and C22, Alloy 600 and 625, Alloy 400 as well as porous Titanium. Other alloys are available upon request. Please contact us with inquires.