Sintered Porous Plastics (PE) for Filtration and Sparging Applications


Our offerings also include GKN’s newest product line, porous plastics (PE and PP) for filtration, sparging and fluidizing applications.

Porous plastics offer the advantage of lower cost in low temperature and low pressure environment.

The material can be used as a disposable filter, sparger or fluidizer element where cleaning cost may exceed the cost of a new element.

Our scope of supply, as always, includes the materials as well as related application solutions and engineering support/services.

The pictures below represent few of the products available.

PE Sparger-Fluidizer plate PE Fluidizer Cone  PE Filter-Sparger PE Filter auf Acrylglasplatte 2.


Flame Arrestor inserts, Sensor Protection

Flame arrestors

As porous metal discs, cups and bushings are the preferred material of choice for flame arresting and sensor protection applications, Wald Krause Engineering LLC offers many standard and custom products in these areas.

The materials are manufactured by GKN Sinter Metals Filters to your specifications or based on our recommendations.

We also provide engineering services and technical/design support for all products and related applications.

GKN Sinter Metals Filters is one of the leading suppliers for porous metal products for flame arresting and sensor protection applications.

Please contact us for more information or if you would like to discuss your application.



Not All Sparger are created equally! – Ring sparger and application support for various Industries!

We supply sparging elements and related equipment in various custom shapes. One of our specialties are standard and custom sparger, especially ring sparger for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry.

We size and design the sparger elements for the best performance in your application/system.

Further, we also provide support and equipment for Oxygen stripping as well as carbonation in the Food & Beverage Industry. Please contact us for more details or support in your application/project.

The ring sparger featured below is one of the recent examples.



Porous Titanium, Sintered porous Titanium filter and sparger materials

In certain applications where process conditions require Titanium or high corrosion resistant alloys, we are able to supply the required porous Titanium equipment for filtration, diffusion or sparging applications. The available sintered porous Titanium can be delivered in the shape of Tubes, plates, discs or custom made or machined assemblies. The porous surface is not compromised in the machining operation. Please contact us for details or to discuss your requirement with us.

The parts featured in the picture below are machined out of porous Titanium material, the surface remains porous.

EDM machined porous Titanium

Sparger for Food & Beverage applications!

We offer sparging equipment for sparging applications in Food and Beverage applications where efficient carbonation (example: carbonation of beer), Oxygen stripping or bulking (example: N2 injection into Mayonnaise). We not only supply the sparging equipment, we also provide engineering and application support to assist you in achieving the most efficient solution. Please contact us for more details.

Sampling filter for gas and liquid applications!

We also offer a larger variety of sampling filters and filtration systems for gas and liquid applications upstream of analytical equipment in power plant and/or refineries as emission and contamination monitoring requirements gain importance. Please contact us for detailed information or to discuss your application.


GKN announcement about Engineering Support and Services in North America.
We are proud to announce that GKN Sinter Metals Filters will offer, starting January 2nd, 2015, a full engineering and applications support for all porous metal products in North and South America through Wald Krause Engineering LLC, based in Connecticut, USA.
Wald Krause offers a tremendous range of knowledge about applications involving porous metal (with over 25 years of experience in all aspects of porous metal technology) having worked for companies such as Newmet Krebsöge, Mott Corporation, GKN Sinter Metals Filters.
The support includes all process filtration applications from filter element only to design support for industrial filtration processes. In addition, we offer full support for applications, including but not limited to:
– Sparging equipment and solutions (gas to liquid, gas to gas, gas to solid and liquid to liquid)
– Fluidizing, bulking aeration products and solutions
– Flame arresting applications
– Sensor protection
– flow control
– Cryogenic filtration and flow control applications
– Porous metal Chromatography products
– Process filtration
– filter elements
– Aerospace applications
– Any type of solution requiring porous metal media.
The advantage of using GKN Sinter Metals Filters is based on the availability of full range of various porous metal products, such as high corrosion resistant alloys starting with 316L SS up to Titanium, Porous Bronze filter and products, Porous fiber metal filter products as well as porous plastics.
We can offer any type of required support in order to help you develop the best product and/or solution.
The earlier we start the dialog regarding your requirements the faster and more economically we can to arrive to the solution expected. We are looking forward working with you, to help you achieve the desired solutions.
Please find the contact information below.
Wald Krause
Wald Krause Engineering, LLC